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© Megan Weaver Photography

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Top 4 Baby/Toddler Products for Travel

Top 4 Baby/Toddler Products for Travel

Just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, here are my top 4 recommended baby and toddler products for travel. Anyone with kids knows that traveling with a baby is tough no matter what, but I've found that having the right gear can make it infinitely less annoying. 

I've compiled this list after obsessively researching a ton of options for travel gear and having tested these items out during Theo's first year of life and beyond. I hope you find them as useful as I have! 

*Edited, because some of you have asked: I’m not getting paid or sponsored to discuss these products — these are just my own honest views! 

[1] Guava Family Lotus Travel Crib

I love this travel crib and can't say enough great things about it! It's lightweight, secure, easy to assemble and pack up, and comes in its own convenient carrying case. I like this more than other similar products because it has a zipper opening on the side that serves a lot of purposes (mainly as a back-saver!). We use the Lotus Plush Quilted Sheet with it and Theo seems to like it a lot.

The Lotus usually sells for $249.95 but is currently on sale for $189.95.

I should note that while some people advocate just using whatever crib your hotel provides in order to spare you from traveling with an extra piece of luggage, I would beware. Many hotels I've stayed at have provided metal cribs that are covered in some kind of paint that flakes off when your baby inevitably chews on it. Not the best!

[2] Inglesina Fast Table Chair

If you'll be traveling for any extended period of time and your baby is eating solids, you'll need a high chair! Trust me when I say it's extremely annoying to hold a squirmy baby on your lap during meals.

There are a lot of great products out there, but we have loved the Inglesina high chair for travel. It's lightweight, has a high weight capacity (37 lbs), fits most tables/countertops, and is very easy to use.

It's currently selling for $69 on Amazon.

[3] Solly Baby Wrap

Don't be intimidated by the baby wrap! This is honestly the item I used the most during Theo's first year of life, and not just while traveling! 

I've tested out quite a few different types of baby carriers. While I have a more heavy-duty carrier that you don't have to wrap, as well as baby wraps with thicker fabric, nothing has compared to my Solly Baby. 

The fabric is extremely soft and easy to care for, it's easy to just throw in your bag, and once you get the hang of wrapping it, it takes 20 seconds and almost always works to calm down a fussy baby. Solly provides really helpful tutorials to show you how to use the wrap for babies of different ages. 

There are many gorgeous design options, but I personally love this classic design that's currently selling for $65.

[4] Milk Snob Cover

I've tested out quite a few nursing covers and I haven't loved any as much as I love my Milk Snob. There are so many beautiful patterns, and much like the Solly Baby Wrap, the Milk Snob covers are made from a soft, breathable, lightweight fabric. And one of the best parts is that the cover doubles as a car seat cover for when you need your baby to nap on the move. It doesn't get better than a beautiful multipurpose item!

Milk Snob is having a site wide 30% off sale starting tonight at 7 p.m. CST. Code: THANKS3017

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